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BTBA Summer Ball

July saw myself and Peter attend the annual charity fundraiser, The Bespoke Tailors’ Benevolent Association Summer Ball. Held every year at The Merchant Taylors’ Hall in The City of London, it is a great excuse for everybody to dress up and catch up old friends. The event is held to raise money to support those from the trade who have fallen on less fortunate times. Alexander Rozier, who has recently spent some time doing work experience with us here at D&G, also came along with us. A wonderful evening was had by all.

summer ball summer ball 2 summer ball 3


Full Circle

Some may already be aware that my grandfather, George Holsgrove, worked at Kilgour, French and Stanbury in the 1950′s and 60′s. His memories of the trade were some of the key influences that ignited my interest for Savile Row bespoke tailoring. Having spent a good four years in the trade, as I far as I was concerned it was only right that I should make him a garment to thank him. On his birthday earlier this year I presented him with a bale of cloth and after a slightly puzzled look, I informed him that I was going to make him a sports jacket. It was not only great practice for me to actually make the garment, but perhaps more importantly I feel that the trade has now gone full circle across generations of the Holsgrove family. Below are some images from various stages of the process.

george jacket

Outbreast pocket put in.

 george jacket 2

With the side pockets put in and front edges baisted into place, the foreparts were ready to be assembled with the rest of the pieces and create a basic garment to be fitted.

george jacket 3  george jacket 4

One proud grandfather having his jacket fitted. There was only very minor alteration required.


george jacket 7 george jacket 6 

After closing the side seams, the wing pads are put in and the shape of the armhole is marked before the shoulders are closed.

george jacket 8

With the top collar on, the jacket was only awaiting the sleeves before it could have the linings felled, edge stitching done and button holes put in.

george jacket 11


Cuff detail.

george jacket 12


Collection day. George was thrilled with his new jacket.