Monthly Archives: September 2014

Preparing for Colder Weather.

Finally the weather has started to change, and with Autumn well and truly here it’s getting cooler- which some people seem to have found quite upsetting! Personally, I have been longing for a cooler spell to give me a chance to wear my new suit. Being a 16/17 oz cloth it was simply too warm for me to wear as soon as I’d finished making it, so I’ve had to hang on in there and wait for Summer to end. As you can see in the photo it fits me perfectly, so I am understandably very happy with it. I’m looking forward to making the next one!

Joe 1st Suit

Chained to My Board.

I have recently been privileged enough to complete some work on the Lord Mayor’s Chain of Office. It is made of pure gold, and features engravings of the previous Lord Mayors’ Crests, Names, and Dates of Office. Whilst wearing the chain, the fastenings and small edges on the back of it often became entangled in the current Lady Mayoress’ clothing. This potentially could have resulted in damage to the garments being worn, or the chain itself- so something needed to be done to prevent it. After various experiments to find the best way to do so, I eventually decided to cover the back in a silk trouser braid as it was the perfect width and would prove a strong, yet comfortable backing when being worn. As you can see in the images below, I secured the new silk backing with individual bar-tacks to each fastening. This ensures that it will stay permanently fixed to the chain, whilst still allowing the flexibility and ease of movement needed as it is worn. I also think that the choice of black braid helps to bring out the colours of the chain, and is the most versatile backing colour to be worn with various outfits.

Chain 1Chain 2Chain 3Chain 4Chain 5