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I Received a Letter from My Old Headmaster..

…and luckily it did not relate to my performance at school, but to my tailoring career. He asked me to make a bespoke waistcoat for him which reflected the school colours, and I was of course thrilled and terrified at the same time. I had never made a pattern for a waistcoat, but with the help of a couple of masters of the art, I produced the pattern from his measurements. There was to be only one fitting so I was absolutely determined to get it right for him. The fitting went so well that it went straight to finish, and the photographs below show the various stages. It is made from a green Doeskin cloth and has a purple lining, to match colour of the school blazers. He is coming in next month to pick it up, and I am hoping that I have passed this test with flying colours.



Waistcoatwaistcoat 2

waistcoat 6waistcoat 4

waistcoat 3