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Vintage Cloth and My New Suit.

Dino found some cloth that he had been hoarding for years, and I have decided to make my first complete suit for myself. It is a 16/17 oz plain weave in charcoal grey and so far I have completed the fore parts, including the inbreast pockets. Although the cloth is vintage, my special iPhone pocket is a more modern addition. The next stage is doing the side seams and shoulders. There is no great rush, as with summer on the way, it would have to be exceptionally poor weather for me consider wearing it. It will definitely be a winter suit.

joe new suit 1Joe new suit

Joe new suit 2

Whilst Trawling the Internet I came up with..

…..some fantastic old documents and photographs relating to Denman & Goddard. You can see the Eton shop during the 1952 Coronation, as well as other historic documents from the firm.

shop1shop 2


shop 3shop 4shop 5

And Today’s Line Up is..

…..Dino, myself and a new addition to the Denman & Goddard family; Gemma. Our new addition, although on a temporary basis, has joined us for some work experience at exactly the right time. David Cook has just come back from the USA with another full order book, and we are all working flat out to get the work done. There is no doubt that his American clients have a good eye when it comes to choosing cloth, because there is a wonderful variety of styles and weights for us to work with.

Hard at Work